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Fully loaded with features you'll love

Customize your listings

Add listing notes, showing instructions, lockbox information, and showing availability to each of your listings to maximize efficiency and save you time.

Automate Bookings

Auto-confirm showing requests, block requests for certain times, or schedule an open house. Watch the app do the rest for you!

Auto-Integration Calendar

Every time you book an appointment, your calendar is automatically updated, so nothing ever falls through the cracks. View your team mambers' bookings in your own calendar.

custom reports for each of your listing

Check activity on each of your listings and review showing feedback. Export or print reports to keep your clients happy.

Keep your seller in the loop

Optional - allow your sellers to confirm their own showings and/or receive feedback and cancellations by SMS or email. Easy to set up and guaranteed to please!

Send multiple showing requests

Our multi-showings tool allows you to book a dozen showings in no time.  No need to wait on hold at a call centre! Check out the best route indicated on your map.

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NEW features

Our members are great at coming up with suggestions for new features ― and we've listened. Here are some of our latest developments!


The Ultimate tool for Realtors®

We know that anything that can eliminate steps in the showing process helps. 

That's why we made it easy to manage your showings, follow up with other agents, and keep your clients posted on your progress:

  • Notify everyone who has visited - or shown interest in - your listing of any change to the property's status, price, and more.
  • Pre-approve or block showing times for each listing.
  • Add showing instructions and lockbox information - pre-approved showings will book themselves.
  • The calendar automatically updates every time you book a new appointment.
  • Monitor your outgoing showing requests in the Pending Responses section.
  • Messages are grouped by conversation for easy reference.
  • Generate, export and print reports and subscribe to automatic (daily, weekly, or monthly) reports (or send them to your clients!)
  • Send multiple showing requests in seconds and plan your route on our map.
  • Set up a replacement to take your messages if you're sick or on vacation.
SM2 iphone showing confirmation and availability calendar


“Touchbase has always been a useful Real Estate tool, but the mobile version SM2® takes it to a whole new level. I highly recommend trying it out or telling your Real Estate Board about it.”

Phil LeGree

“The ease with which to make appointments, confirm appointments & automatically ask for feedback is a real time saver, not to mention have your listing, (if it's vacant) to automatically confirm the showing request without me or my assistant having to lift a finger is just awesome!!”

Richard Thyssen

“I love the multi-showings feature - saves SO much time, and it's nice to have the calendar laid out in front of you!”

Tim Ayres

Why you should download Touchbase on your Phone

Free Download

Download Touchbase SM2 for your tablet or smartphone - absolutely free.
Download it in the Apple Store
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Your listings and conversations from the last 30 days will automatically sync up with your app, so you don't skip a beat.

Offer Better Service

Provide your clients with documentation and reports to leave them with a glowing impression of your work.

Legally admissible

Messages sent through Touchbase are saved in your reports for two years and can be used as evidence in a court of law if needed.

Safe and secure

Only certified REALTORS® can use our app, because your login codes come from your Real Estate Board, so you know you're safe.


Don't be surprised if you get a reply within 15 seconds of requesting a showing! Who has time to wait around for an answer, anyway?


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